Don’t be afraid

to show yourself to the world

You will experience a trip with your ears.

Kat constantly and consistently challenges the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, art, and technology. She is always doing something – sound, video, photography, film, music. Working with others on projects. Performing on stage. Designing music instruments. She is a creative powerhouse to watch when it comes to her arts.

Her original style mixed ambient darkness with the electronic sounds and very subtle piano melodies, adding elements of classical, jazz improv, soundtrack music, and trip-hop downtempo beats. She created an atmospheric dark sound. Her highly intellectual art has musical contrasts which have always been deep, and at the very heart of Kat’s music, occasional contradictions that make her tracks as musically complex and exploratory as they are catchy.

Kat de Ville “Four plus”

“I composed this album in the dark winter, when I was really in bad stage of my life,  I’d had a failed relationship and some psychological problems, so the music I was writing was the release of my inner pain.”

Tormented darkness has always coexisted alongside luminous beauty, thunderous impacts instantly followed by frail, delicate subtleties. As always with Kat, this art has come directly from the soul. She can establish connections with her listeners more profoundly than almost any other band because she creates direct heart-to-heart connections. Music that seems to engulf everyone in the world at once, it suddenly feels like it’s being whispered to you inside the isolation of your solitary womb. Thus, this pain, this sorrow, and these fleeting moments of joy, they come from that heart. They are all too real.

She continues to produce mind-blowing things at a very fast pace, so even before the album was published, she had already composed several singles and shot a video. Twisted mind alloyed with dark aesthetic video – this music takes you to another reality and rocks on the waves of your imagination. Good things come to those who wait.

Video premiere

“I’ve always been obsessed with science since I was a child. I was a very curious kid, and I was always wondering how our world is functioning. What is the nature of the sound? How do you get a reflection in the mirror? A smartphone with a digital camera and a microphone is a real treasure for me. Now I’m always taking photos, filming, or recording stuff for no reason other than to document what is going on around me. It’s a kind of reassurance to myself that these things actually happened. My imagination is both a blessing and a curse, but I’m happy that I found a way to express my inner universe with sound and visual, and this is the most exciting thing in life for me. I use my kinky fantasy, my graceful body, things surrounding me to express what I have inside with visual and sound imageries.”


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